We have a refreshingly new style of conversation with our clients about their money. 

Firstly we have a no-obligation meeting where we get to know more about our clients and where they want to be. 
You will find this centred on their aims and aspirations. 
This also gives them a chance to find out more about us. 
Investments & Savings 
Pensions & Pension Transfers 
Insurance & Protection 
Retirement Income 
Inheritance Planning 
The next stage takes you through our specially tailored process.  
In other words, this enables us to start to create a plan that will give clients the financial independence they crave. 

Client Relationship Manager 

As well as having your own Financial Planner, you will be allocated a Client Relationship Manager who will deal with all your administrative requirements and be able to answer your general queries. 
However creating the plan is just the beginning.  
From here you'll have access to a qualified and highly experienced Lifestyle Coach and Business Mentor to inspire you to create and fulfil on the life of your dreams.  
This will help to ensure you remain on track and continue to reach your potential. 
New Vision's Products & Services 
Where appropriate we recommend financial products and services. As Independent Financial Advisers we source these from the whole of the market. 
We specialise in investment, retirement and later life planning. Including; 
Inheritance tax advice  
Legacy planning 
Personal protection 
Business protection 
Where we are unable to provide advice or a suitable solution, we will call on our network of contacts and refer you with confidence. 
In the area of savings, investments and pensions we have an investment proposition that will suit all types of investors with differing attitudes to risk. 
Whether you prefer an active or passive style of investing, or an alternative approach such as Environmental, Social and Governance investing (ESG) we have a solution which will suit your requirements.  
This includes our popular in-house investment proposition, Intelligent Investor, which has been specially created for those approaching or at retirement. It aims to manage risk and reward, and closely follows trends in the market.  
We will never make any changes to your investments without prior consent. Furthermore we will always assess the continuing suitability of the investment product we have recommended. In addition we will write to you once a year to confirm our choices. 
We offer a full Lifestyle Financial Planning programme and a range of other forward-planning programmes. These may include personal and/or business cash flow modelling, to clients with more in depth requirements on an ongoing basis. 
Please note: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate cash flow modelling. 
A Transparent Approach to Financial Planning 
Our fee structure is completely transparent; there are no hidden costs, and you will never receive an unexpected bill from us. 
The initial 'exploratory' meeting is always at our expense. In other words you will be offered a free initial consultation. 
If your requirements are straightforward, we will usually be able to give you details of the fees that you would pay at the initial meeting. For more complex requirements we'll take time to consider the most cost-effective way for you to work with us. We will then come back to you a few days after the meeting with our initial ideas, costs and benefits. 
Our range of services is very broad and we tailor them to your specific needs. 
We may charge a one-off or fixed monthly fee for services based on your; 
Initial advice 
Ongoing investment advice 
This fee will be based on a percentage of the assets under advice. Or we may charge a combination of both. 
We will take on as much or as little as you want us to. The choice is yours. 
Our typical fees are detailed in our Services and Costs document and our Menu of Services, copies of which are available on request. 
Please note that these are typical fees. Once we get to know you and your requirements, we will always prepare a separate personalised document for you. This will outline the specific services we will provide and the costs and benefits you can expect from working with us. 
We will always request your signature prior to commencing work on your behalf. 
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