Financial Planning For Well Paid & Ambitious People 

New Vision provide a comprehensive range of assistance and support to well paid ambitious people. 
We can do as much or as little as you want. Above all providing you with the support you need. 
As a career focussed individual, we recognise how busy you are, so our aim is to remove the hassle of wealth administration and bring simplicity and peace of mind to you. 
We know you are often concerned that it’s hard to find time to plan ahead... 
We are here to find out what you really want from life, what’s really 
important to you, and how you would like to shape your future.  
Our service is tailored to your specific needs and includes the following: 
Regular meetings 
We acknowledge that you will want to be seen regularly, the only 
question is how often? At the beginning of your journey, we mutually 
agree an annual review schedule that works for you, locking in key 
dates and timing. 
Keeping you informed 
During times like these clients have told us they would like to stay close 
and be kept informed on a regular basis, so that’s exactly what we do. 
We know you are busy, so we act as your eyes and ears and only get in 
touch when something affects you directly. All communications will be 
short, sharp and to the point - no fluff. 
Adviser access 
If you need to contact your adviser between review dates we are 
available via a range of communication options. We also work with your other advisers, acting as a facilitator, holding the big picture and using our own and other specialist's knowledge and experience. 

How we help Well Paid & Ambitious People 

Helping you discover what you want and when you want it 
Plan your financial future, coaching and mentoring to help you get real clarity about what you want. 
Working with you to create a sustainable financial life plan. Similary we will be holding you to account to accomplish it. 
Preparing you for inherited wealth 
Working with you and your family to mitigate any unnecessary inheritance tax. 
Ensuring your financial affairs are in order, to protect future generations. 
Managing career issues 
Preparing you for life’s unexpected events such as redundancy and unemployment. 
Planning for a change of career which involves a short-term salary reduction. 
Helping you transition from employment to self-employment. 
Protecting you, your partner, and your children 
Ensuring that they have enough money to live on if you were to die unexpectedly. 
Protecting your income in the event of long-term sickness. 
Removing the hassle from money 
Keeping things structured and simple. Doing as much as we can for you to free up your time. 
Actively listening to your goals, dreams and requirements and explaining solutions in plain English. 
Advising on saving and investing 
Guiding you through the myriad of savings and investment options. 
Helping you understand risk and reward. 
Managing your money effectively and giving you access to a wide range of investment solutions to suit your preferences. These may include Environment and Social Governance investments. In addition our robust, tried-and-tested, in-house active investment solution. 
Mitigating tax to make your money go further 
Assisting your decisions about bonuses, share options, share save, and salary sacrifice. 
Maximising your pension opportunities to save or reclaim tax and provide for your retirement. 

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