Benni Newton (she/they) 

Operations Administrator 
Benni joined the New Vision team in October 2015. 
During this time Benni has been involved in various departments within the firm. Their role changed in January 2022 to Operations Administrator.  
An important part of this role is the monthly administration of our centralised investment proposition. 
Alongside this, they are also involved in the compliance administration to ensure the firm is compliant by keeping up to date with business compliance and communicating any changes with the rest of the team. 
“I enjoy problem-solving and lateral thinking skills that my role requires. I am always looking for new ways to make processes and procedures run smoother.” 
When Benni first started their working life, they started off as a sound engineer in a recording studio, they then went on to work as a chef assistant before finding their role here at New Vision. 
The one word to sum up Benni is ‘precise’; they are good at making sure everything they work on is accurate and completed to the best possible standard. 
In Benni’s spare time they enjoy learning new languages and can have conversations in Russian, 
Japanese and Esperanto. When Benni isn’t learning languages, They're spending time taking care of their two cats, tarantula and vinegaroon. Besides that, Benni also likes to illustrate comics and play retro video games. 

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