Living the dream – In search of the Northern Lights 

By Carol Dickens 

Planning my worklife balance 

As the financial planning director it's important to me to demonstrate a work life balance to my clients, as the saying goes 'you need to practice what you preach'. 
At the age of 7, my parents subscribed me to ‘Look and Learn Magazine’ which I found both educational and interesting. It stimulated my imagination and sense of adventure. 
I learnt about the existence of the Northern Lights and made up my mind that I would witness them for myself one day. 
Many years passed and the thought went out of existence until 2016 when we took a trip to Iceland with the purpose of seeing the Lights. Unfortunately, they didn’t show up for us that time! 
In 2022 the desire to search for them again came up so me and my husband Phil booked an 11 night cruise along the Norwegian coastline right up into the Arctic Circle. 
We were 72 degrees North! 

My dream became a reality! 

It was definitely worth the long wait!  
What I didn’t anticipate were the other beautiful sights I would witness on this trip. 
Watching the gulls soaring happily amongst the Northern Lights. 
Seeing the constellations against beautiful green, purple and pink backgrounds. 
The most beautiful mother of pearl clouds after sunrise. 
Snow and ice covering the mountains and fjords. 
Meeting interesting people who are indigenous to the country and how they are proud of their heritage. 
Feeding the reindeer mothers and their young. 

Living the dream in Norway 

On our adventure, we participated in several exciting adventures and experiences. 
We experienced snowmobiling across a frozen fjord. 
As well as quad biking around a beautiful island with turquoise fjords. 
Sipping a warming alcoholic beverage among sculptures made of ice in the Magic Ice Bar. 
Delicious fine dining in the restaurants on board the ship. Superb fish and seafood, meats, and bread. 
Whilst making new found friendships for life. 
Although capturing our experiences in all their glory is impossible, I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my favourite photos from our time in Norway. 
Perhaps you will be inspired to create and fulfil your own dreams too! Please Get in Touch to find out how we can help you. 
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